Monsieur Labisse

Like I posted here, Alpha.Tribe is one of the shops I often go to to check the new creations. If that can be a sign of anything I own every single piece they have there.

It is not what you can call a normal fashionable style, but the creativeness of every piece shows all that SL can makes us develop our imagination.

The skin and outfit I show you bellow is called Monsieur Labisse and the pack (costing just L$500) contains:

– 5 skins in three tones: Bonjour (PG and normal), Bonsoir (PG and Normal) and Bonnuit (shown bellow)

– 3 hairs: pink green and purple (shown bellow)

– 2 skirts

– 1 pair of sandals (not shown)

You should go and check out her store for more wonderful skins and outfits. Promise it will be worth your time! And keep an eye on herblog too. You’ll see the great stuff she is doing.



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