Without the Boys on a Thursday Afternoon

Somethings in life are certain…
like that when you put two hot girls who are best friends together and without their men, they’ll shop like their lives depend on it!
They also gossip and profile hump like it’s their job to do it, but that’s not relevant for this post. :p

Hotness on the left:
Pretty Hair: Faye – Maitreya
Oh-so-hip Scarf: Long Scarf – Maitreya
Yummy Top: Sculpted Top and Belt – Maitreya
Sexy skirt: Nasty Girl – Fab Design
Dreamy Boots: Soho Boots – Maitreya
LipRing: Magika
Shopping Bags + pose: Juicy

Goddess on the right:
Pretty Hair: Jackie – ETD
Oh-so-hip Scarf: Long scarf – Maitreya
Yummy Top: Sculpted Top and Belt – Maitreya
Sexy skirt: Greek – Apple May Designs
Dreamy Boots: Soho Boots – Maitreya
Shopping Bags + pose: Juicy

Maitreya keeps surprising me every season, and this spring was no diff; I mean their stuff is so amazing I think I bought the whole store! >.<
The prim tops are just amazing there’s like a gazzilion colors and patterns to choose from, and while they’re REALLY not free, it’s WORTH IT!
The scarfs, omg the scarfs. Have you seen how yummy they look? menu driven, you can change the lenght, position and even make it flexi or not. Defo a must-have.
The boots. *raises her hands to her head* THE BOOTS! They go for the name of Soho Boots. And I have a feeling that if they were real, they’d feel like heaven on my soles.
So let’s recap, shall we? Amazing textures. Check. Fantastic sculpties. Check.  Hot-hot-hot. Check-check-check. Need anything more? No? Thought so. so whatcha waiting for? teleport to maitreya my lovelies, teleportttttttttttttt!!!
FPPS (Fashionista’s Personal Post Scriptum): Many many thanks to my bestie for a fun fun (fun!) afternoon. Dang girl, see how hot we look??

 ~ pictures taken at the Juicy boardwalk :]

Have fun, shop much and look sharp, my dear fashionistas!

Lub and smooches, Mafy.


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