Right Click…. create

… and so there was the cube. the sphere. Omg, the torus.

And when you get enough free time, you eventually become a furniture builder. Well, I did. Not to give up the party scene, but this really tickles my brain. And heck, we all need to fill out pretty lil’ prim houses with something, right?
I’m a sculpty addict. And a texture addict. Commited to sell everything  just a lil’ bit cheaper than the rest. Wanna check it out? Follow the link :D
Want something costumized? IM me in-world.

here’s a couple examples of what you can find there:

: FF : Sleek Bed

: FF : Sleek Bed
A modern bed with smooth sleek lines in black and white for a polished look, comes complete with a retractable cover and a sex/cuddle menu for your most intimate moments. FluiD Furniture also offers with this item two designer Lamps that complete the look, only available with this purchase!
–  14 prims!

: FF : Lush Couch – Black/Ivory

: FF : Lush Couch - Black/Ivory

Black suede couch/sofa, with ivory satin pillows. While keeping the FluiD Furnitures’s signature modern look, the large amount of pillows and detailed textures give this corner couch a very comfortable look.
– 16 prims!

: FF : Cuddle Basket “Rocking – Earth

: FF : Cuddle Basket "Rocking" - earth

A cuddle basket with a soft rocking motion on click and two sets of poseballs, for kissing or simply relaxing with a friend. Detailed basketweave texture and soft comfortable looking pillows make this cuddle basket the perfect accessory for any garden, beach, deck or even indoors.
– 21 prims!

: FF : Sauna – Pinewood

: FF : Sauna - Pinewood

This steamroom comes complete with a steam switch, 2 single pose balls and a cuddle/sex menu for your most intimate moments.
– 19 prims!

So there ya go, a slightly selfish post about thingies I make. *giggles*
Have fun, shop much and look sharp, my dear fashionistas!
Lub and smooches, Mafy.


1 Response to “Right Click…. create”

  1. 1 Elora
    March 8, 2009 at 9:22 pm

    Girl, can you build!!!!

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