Alpha Auer and OMFG

I have been reading Alpha Auer’s posts in NPRIL since I started reading the blog. All her discoveries around the grid were simply amazing in creativity and totally different from what we could see around the blogosphere.

Yesterday I was exploring Mainland and came to a place I found interesting to take a picture and didn’t notice someone was there till I was positioning the camera – I hardly pay attention to my Mystitools radar. And there she was, Alpha, just standing.

Well I am a little shy when it comes to speak to bloggers I read and never met, cause I don’t want to invade their privacy, but this time I really had to talk to Alpha and congratulate her about her posts and her new begining as a designer. The place happened to be her store and she was very nice and we talked for a while.

I couldn’t resist taking with me what she had there for sale. Still not much but a promising work is on the way.

So I took all the dolarbie skins (6 I think) and the two outfits I show you bellow.

First the skins are very carefully made with colours and tatoos embeded that I haven’t seen anywhere else. I was really glad that these would suit my shape, cause it is not easy to find skins that don’t change how I look (ok, ok I’m picky, but most skins just make me look so different from what I am used to).

On the first picture you can see the alpha.tribe::: Golden Ammonite Skin, with beautiful golden shell tatoos on the skull and face and the alpha.tribe Basic Leotard (just L$ 50). With all the fuss about the sale on OMFG, I went there and bought the whole store. Kinda thought that some of the gear would look good with Alpha’s outfit, so I decided to accessorize with the Wings of Rust Thorn, the Big Brass Halo and the Hard Coat Venus Boots (recoloured).

Do I look like a futuristic sort of angel or what? hehe


On picture two I am just wearing the alpha.tribe Red Ammonite (full outfit). The skin is included and the hairdress moves softly around your head. The one shown on the picture is the small one, there is still a larger one in the pack, as well as an extra skirt just without the snake textured prims. The skirt prims attach to the belt, so you won’t have them sticking out of your butt.

I am not going to put the URL of Alpha’s store here, once it is not yet opened to the public. But keep tuned for further developments. Other credits and slurls bellow the pictures.



Picture 1
alpha.tribe::: Basic Leotard
alpha.tribe::: Golden Ammonite Skin
[OMFG] Big Brass Halo
[OMFG] Hard Coat Venus Boots (tampered by me)
[OMFG] Wing of Rust Thorn
~GRACILE~ Eyes “Illuminati” Blue
Heavenly Cross Earrings, Midnight – Encore

Picture 2
alpha.tribe::: Red Ammonite (Full outfit/boxed)
skin included

Poses by Body Reactions


5 Responses to “Alpha Auer and OMFG”

  1. 1 alphaauer
    January 12, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    Oh my goodness!!! I was just sitting here and doing my emails when this arrived! WOW!!! Thank you!!!

    OK, one small thing though – and my true apologies for my somewhat obnoxious vanity over here. I am actually a builder/designer and not a blogger. Although I do blog and have been doing so quite intensively for the past few months, what I really am is a full time builder. The place which I have built is called Syncretia and has its own blog too:
    And you can TP to Syncretia from here, should you want to:

    And in Real Life I am graphic designer:
    So, although, I am new to fashion design, I am sort of an old hand at the overall design game. In fact, I teach it at a university – much to my long suffering students detriment, I should add, I suppose.

    Thank you again Winter! This is truly unexpected! (Not to mention that now I know why my L$ balance was so nice and fat this morning! teeee heeee)

  2. 2 Elora
    January 12, 2009 at 4:22 pm

    I have to have it!

  3. January 12, 2009 at 4:30 pm

    No need to thank me or apologise for whatever Alpha! 🙂

    I do love your designs and thank you for letting us know about all your other activities.~

    Being photography (cough cough) as my main activity in SL, I just felt like logging in immediatly and take some pictures at Syncretia. Too bad I’m at work right now 😦

    Nevertheless I will go there and do some pictures soon 🙂

    Thank you again for showing us and sharing your creativity!

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