I’m LikeA bird…

Now, did you notice I keep wearing Callie Cline’s jeans? Had no idea why, apart from the fact that I like the textures. Still I could use a change, once in a while. So, off I went to find different jeans, jeans that have a little extra… I would call it spice, but that doesn’t bring up any good images, so let’s just say nutmeg (nonsense, is it? Well, nutmeg is a Lspice, and I should know, I’m Portuguese and we robbed all the spices, at one time or  the other). So browsing around the blogs (love to keep an eye on the competition) I found this quiet little store. Have you ever heard of LikeA? Well it is jeans heaven. And I happened to land right at Wind Meads’ feet.


Now that almost prevented me from seeing the store at all. We are talking hot avatar here and it was a true effort to drag my eyes away from the owner and into the goodies… denim goodies, I mean (damn he’s good, I also mean). wind2

Eventually I was able to tear my eyes away from Wind and focus on the jeans. Racks and racks of jeans with incredible textures and cute cuffs. One day I’ll make it at SLingo and my laundry line will look just like this: wind31


Till then I will have to make do with what I can afford, so I bought this yummy (no, not Wind) ripped pair and decided I looked so nice I ended up wearing them to the Undercity concert:

And there I looked all nice and happy, while I waited for my date that…guess what? Never showed up. So, believe me, to be really happy you need not only the right jeans, but also a man with a watch.

Hair – *TRUTH* Paris – Burgundy_Dark – Hat tampered with by me

Neck scarf – Based on *Little fish* christmas scarf, texture changed (and probably ruined) by me

Jacket  – sf design winter warmer red Jacket

Shirt – [CoL]– Racerback Cami – Shirt – Black


Leg Bandana – LikeA* Bandana RED FREE var.2

Boots- sf design Winter Warmer Boot

Glasses – Danielle Black Glasses by INSOLENCE

Skin – []::Tuli::[] Celeste [light/1] ~ dawn

Poses by [LAP] and IZUMIYA
Special Thankings to Wind Meads and Achariya Maktoum

1 Response to “I’m LikeA bird…”

  1. 1 Virtual Neko
    January 17, 2009 at 5:17 am

    Some other jeans to check out, if you don’t already know about them:

    – BING (store located in Harajukubox sim)
    – SC Design (I have their “colorjeans in blackgreen”
    – Maitreya’s “Raw” jeans (they come in both skinny and regular legs)
    – Kanan (all sorts of cool styles and colors)
    – WMD (they have a cool sort of “golden brown” pair I like)
    – Ibizarre: Used Glam Jeans

    Have fun shopping! My apologies to your linden wallet… hee hee….

    Warm hugs,

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