The Black Canary

Christmas and season holidays make most of us a bit busy in RL. Therefore this is an already due post, some days past the approximate day i told Morrigan Denimore I would post it. Better later than never, so my excuses Morrigan, and blame it on RL.

Ever since my early days, chair hopping has been an incredible way of getting some goodies without spending lindens. Of course not all things are good, but some are certainly worth it. Lucky chairs intend to draw the attention of the hopper to the store where  they are set, and though not all do the trick, because it also depends on the quality of the item provided and on the quality of the items for sale, sometimes there are lucky occasions where we stumble into creators and designers we don’t know, and that surprise us with the quality of their work. One of these days I was helping someone of the crew to get an item on a lucky chair, and as I wasn´t really interested in getting a woman’s coat, I strolled a bit by the shop, and realised that I really liked the outfits for sale. Plus I was lucky enough to catch Morrigan´s presence at the shop, ask him if I could make him a quick interview for the blog and take some pics, which he most kindly accepted. Was a matter of occasion, profiting the presence of one of Morrigan´s own models, Andel Rhiadra, and we immediately took the photos and made the interview on the spot. No previous work on the photo settings, just right click, shoot. This is what came out of that.

Morrigan Denimore would be what I call a true fashionista. More than talking about fashion and the things he does, he assumes the style he loves, and is extremely careful with the looks, and with the pieces of garment he wears. In his own words, and I quote “I am simply a discerning shopper. I am a man of aesthetics, and I am sure I’ve said it more than once, I am quite choosy of what I purchase.”


About his work he says, “I have been working with clothes via Photoshop for almost two years now, but on SL my brand has been opened since early October only. It was a bit bumpy at first, I will say, but hard work and perseverance certainly pays off. I enjoy making content for SL, as well as meeting new people who enjoy my work.”

Last but not the least, about his style and the style of his work he says, “Much of my design is inspired straight from the popularized Elegant Gothic Lolita fashion that Malice Mizer was famous for. I wanted to show the side of it, that I think may have been forgotten, something cute but elegant, having a certain air of refinement”.

He certainly does. Just look at the pics, or go to his shop, where he has the most attentive assistants, and some really nice work…Beware…Heavy frill power there.

Andel Rhiadra in “Frill Life”


Andel Rhiadra in “Porcelain Prince”



All the credits in this post go to Black Canary.

Acessories such as hairs, shoes, and hats are not included in the outfits.


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