Dress me up: Elora by Gidge

Thank you so much for the idea Gidge, I had a great time putting it together. First I did my homework, as the nice girl I (seldom) am, and turned out the photo by Clayton Patterson:

As you can see the chucks are the only easy part. So a bit more research and a bit of memories (I’d like to tell you I was very young at the time… Think I can pull it off?) and I came up with this:


 I started by visiting  Sn@tch, one of my favorite stores ever. There was a time of my SL I practically lived there ogling the models (/me waves to Xav). As I expected I already had most of it in my closet, so I moved  on to IZUMIYA to check the wet hair Gidge had mentioned. I bought it but didn’t look greasy enough, still I ended up buying an ear cuff and a great coat (a bargain, really) I’m not wearing here. I always feel like I’m at a thrift store at Izumiya and nothing feels more grunge. So, pretty sure I had enough stone washed pants I went on a quest for the perfect greasy hair and making my very first enemy-creator, after all no one will like me calling his/her hair greasy. But such is the fate of a blogwriter. And the winner is:


This hair is an amazing creation by Lag Designs, and I just had to add the red highlights. The store is a very nice one and features mainly male hairs, quite affordable ones too. Maybe one day we’ll have a review of these to appease the creator, eh?

So to complete the outfit I just had to find good tight jeans by Callie Cline and a hooded sweater and here it is: 


Yes, the flannel red shirt manages to increase my already huge bum. Also happens in rl, but no grunge outfit would be complete without one.

Thanks once again to Gidge for all the fun and credits to the designers:

Skin – Elizabeth (fair) – Shy (bl) by::Tuli::

Glasses – Danielle Black Glasses by INSOLENCE

Jeans – SIGNATURE DENIM JEANS “worn”by caLLie cLine’s

Shirt – Punk Trash Flannel Shirt Red at:::Sn@tch:::,  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pulse/175/220/25

Chucks – inverse shoes by Fenoe Lowey

Hoodie – New RELAX HOODIE – GR-LOGO at ! Girlie-Relax- !

Ear Cuff – Ear Cuff/Black Cat at IZUMIYA

Hair – Laguna Red RV at Lag Designs



1 Response to “Dress me up: Elora by Gidge”

  1. 1 Blue(Angel)
    December 15, 2008 at 10:38 pm

    Now, please, bring my sis back. 🙂 Thank you very much! 🙂

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