Yes, i’m Fat

Now stop staring. We can be whatever we choose, right? And I’m not gonna explain my choices (at least not today). What I’m going to do is write about how to be fat and free, when you don’t choose to be fat free.

First rule: Lovely on Barbie doesn’t mean lovely on you:


Stopped laughing yet?

Well, all the items are lovely and best quality. They just don’t seem to suit me.

Poses – Free chubby poses at [LAP]

Boots –  Fashion Boots “New York” Black at B & T

Hair – Sadies- Auburn at Bishwear

Skin –  Elizabeth (fair) – Enticing (red) by::Tuli::

Cutoffs – Tomboy ripped shorts by caLLie cLine’s

Glasses – Danielle Black Glasses by INSOLENCE

Shirt – Winter Custom Shirt by Imso Obscure (IM in World)

Imso’s shirt is by far the worst, as the pic of Winter on it is sadly misshaped, causing her beautiful eyes to look… well…slanted…


Also the hair is no good, adding volume instead of framing my face… then there’s my back:


Cutoffs are NOT an option with this kind of shape, even beautiful ones, like these.

Finally the boots. These are great boots, won after many a day waiting for the right letter on a lucky chair. I whooped when it turned to E at last, and then I yelped when i tried them on and saw they were no mod. The boot prim goes right inside my leg and there are chunks of muscle (fat really) missing. A total Wrong Click Wear.triple-f_005

Now for the good news, one can be fat AND still look good:


Yes, it’s me, same shape, same skin…

Necklace – FREE Strawberry Necklace by !* Rebel -X- *!

Poses – Free chubby poses at [LAP]

Skin –  Elizabeth (fair) – Enticing (red) by::Tuli::

Glasses – Danielle Black Glasses by INSOLENCE

Jeans – “mainLine” denim dark black jeans by caLLie cLine’s

Chucks – Hi-Top Kool Kicks (Women’s Black) at KK Footwear

Top – Pinstripe Corset by *TorridWear*

Hair – Kawaii – auburn at Eat Rice!

Now the hair frames my face without enlarging it:


Also, the same… bumps that slanted Winter’s eyes make a very pleasant cleavage, even if I say so myself (and I better, cos no one else will). Accessorizing up diverts attention away from the hips and into my face. Still have to deal with back and feet, no miracles here, but black is always safe, and chucks much better than boots when you have a big leg.


Also a nice texture will atract the eye and spare your feelings. Remember nothing is more flatering than a sunny disposition.


1 Response to “Yes, i’m Fat”

  1. June 26, 2011 at 5:31 pm

    wow thanx!! you didn’t know, but i got that sAdies-Auburn hair at I CAN’T REMEMBER!!
    i think it was for free..
    I like so much and i wanted another one on blond.. but i cudn’t find the store… I though was “yea fres” but you write “Bishwear”..
    But i went through all store and i cudn’t find it!

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