From newbie to not so newbie

Almost forgotten are the days when each one would enter “the metaverse” with the terrible look of a wooden dummy. No skins, horrible clothing, and no chance to pass by without someone noticing…”Hey! There goes a newb”.

Nowadays, Linden Lab has improved things to the point where, when you enter Second Life (copyright, blah, blah, blah, never knew how to make the registered trademark, or copyright sign or whatever in ascii) you have the chance to become a not so bad looking avatar.


Anyway, there are only half a dozen avatars of each gender to choose from, and some of them are…ermmmm…a bit strange to say the least, but on the other hand, not all of us want to be that close to normal in this new life we take upon.

But this is supposed to be a blog about fashion and we are going to talk about “regular” outfitting, so here it goes. There have always existed freebies shops where you can have a makeover and personalize your avatar without spending lindens, or spending very, very few. So to illustrate this I did a little exercise. I created a new avatar and, in less than one hour, and with no more than one linden I did what you are about to witness.

This is Fauno Delicioso as he entered Second Life.


Less than one hour and few teleports after, this is the result. May not be the pretiest avatar in Second Life, but you will have to admit that for an avatar with less than one hour the result is not that bad.

A perfectly good looking avatar, that for someone that is not a “profiler” and not too curious, will pass as someone with some time in SL already, at least for the looks…The rest, my friends, has to do with wits, and about wits is all up to you.


Now the golden tips:
Facelight-Photo Face Lightning Solution V.02 at Tesla
Skin-Male gift at Belleza
Hair-Normal Hair (Golden Brown) at Find Ash
Shape-Fauno by Elora Lungu (SLxstreet)
Shoes-Freebie Painter Shoes at Shiny Things
Jeans-Rebel Jeans-Black Tribal Men´s II By Rebel Hope Designs
Scarf-Invaders Scarf at Gritty Kitty
Shirt-Master Blaster at Gritty Kitty

The shape was made by our own Elora and is not free, but you can edit your shape and build it up to your own taste. All the other items were free except the hair that cost the fabulous amount of 1L.

I chose a beginning for the beginning. Next time it will be more serious stuff, and you will have to expend lindens, so go out and get some.




1 Response to “From newbie to not so newbie”

  1. December 11, 2008 at 4:06 pm

    Hmmmm I’ll comment here, ‘cos my friends you post fast, and I gotta go out in a bit and fix my friggin coffee machine before I start spazzing. (Must…have…coffee).
    So yall be nice to be, and read this comment as if it was written on your post (Imso u don’t count, I REALLY wrote in on you post LOL).

    First of all, I’m still shocked about the new newbies. I have a feeling you all remember me when I dropped at your feet something like 11 months ago, and I did NOT look like that. Fortunatelly, I know have that same gift of turning noobs into visually acceptable people :p
    OH-MY-GOD! the gritty kitty scarf and shirt, I gotta tell you, my male avatar loves them. xD

    Of to another subject, regarding a post below from my dear pudinzinho (oh c’mon lil’ pudin wouldn’t sound as cute and cuddly), there is actually a shop called BISHWEAR? omg omg! I’m going there as soon as I log in, I don’t even know if I’ll buy anything… oh but that name, it’s made for me. 😀

    ok I have a mommy calling for me now, and we both need coffee. So hmmm sorry for the kinda too huge comment, next time I promiss I’ll comment individually and try to make it short and sweet. 🙂

    one last note: OMG MY FRIENDS HAVE A FASHION BLOG, DOES THAT MAKE ME COOL JUST ‘COS I KNOW YALL? :DDDD Congrats sweeties, and the header pic look amazing!

    Love, kisses, hugs and cuddly stuff ( ‘cos I’m in a darn good mood today).

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