First Christmas Dresses

A year ago, more or less, I was living my first SLChristmas. There were lots of hunts for freebies and I, as all of us, wanted them all. “Free” is a magical word no matter what world we are talking about, specially when you don’t have money to spend. The invitations to big balls were falling in each notice and I did not had that special dress, the one that I thought would be the perfect Christmas Ball Dress. Then, all of a sudden my Christmas Dress story started…

The Good Ghost Dress of Christmas Past

So there I was wondering what should I wear to the next ball when the good news arrived: Constanza Volare, from Alchemy Angels, had made a lovely dress for the season and it was free. Wow, that was my thought!!! I knew Constanza’s work and loved it already. In fact my first Princess Dress, a gift from a friend, was from her collection. So I teleported myself to Alchemy and there it was, my first Christmas and red dress. I right clicked it and worn it. And then again: Wow, was the sound I made. The way it moved while walking and the softness gave me a comfortable feeling and I liked it. The texture was nice and the snowflakes on the bottom gave it the sense of fashion a ball dress should have. And then the final touch: the fur around the neck: classy and stylish. And all this for free??? Too good to be true, but it was!!! Don’t need to say that it was the dress I took to every Christmas ball and made a success with it. Thank God laundries work fast in SL. (lol)


The Good Ghost Dress of Christmas Present

This year I was almost having the same problem: no Christmas Dress for the balls. And then, guess who saved me again? Bingo!!! Constanza Volare!!! There I went to Alchemy to get my “Snowflake”. And isn’t it white an awesome colour to wear on Christmas too??? I right clicked (again) and worn it. Amazing surprise again!!! The way the skirt fell seemed like the texture would be a soft, gentle and a smooth piece of fabric falling over the skin. And again I felt comfortable on this side of the screen too. And comfortable is a word I associate with clothes: one should always feel comfortable with what one wears, even on SL. Specially on SL, because we get to dress things we probably would not wear in RL, but, as far as I’m concerned, one should feel good and at ease. Back to the “Snowflake”, on the back it has a gold bow that gives it the touch of colour it needs. Once again, Constanza used the fur. This time around the chest for the last classy and stylish  move. And again, like last year, for free!!! So if you want it just click here and go for your white Christmas Dress.


The Good Ghost Dress of Future Christmas

I wonder what will happen next year. Above all: will I still be on SL? Will I have a new Christmas Dress for the balls??? If I do stay on the metaverse then I hope so, and as they say  here, “Third time is a charm”. So Constanza, I’m counting on you for next Christmas Dress.

Fashion and virtual greetings


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