Bare Rose – The Challenge

What a better way to start than talking about such a great store Bare Rose is? Winter Jefferson launched the challenge so here it goes.

B@R has been one of my favourite stores since my early days in SL. I know the store is laggy, the thousands of textures take ages to rezz and you easily get lost there – in more than one way 😉

However the quality, variety, number of colours and items in each package as well as the originality of each outfit are worth the waiting. And as if all this wasn’t enough the prices are simply shin dropping – I don’t think I ever saw anything above L$150.

Let me show you some of the mixes I do with B@R outfits.



Coat: White Armor Furcoat – B@R

Dress: Jessa – B@R

Shoes: Natasha Heels Black – Tesla

Skin: (CS) Vogue Skin Bronzed (Plum Smokey) Freckled – Celestial Studios

Eyes: Illuminati Blue – Gracile

Hair: Felicity dark gloss – Gurl6

Necklace: Swerve Rose Necklace – Shiny Things

Ring: Dragon – Baker’s

Poses: KS Creations and [LAP]

Shot at Negresco Jazz Club


Costume: Leo Lady – B@R

Skin & Eyes – same as above

Hair: Puety Light Black – EatRice



Outfit: Graffiti Girl – B@R

Wood Elf Leg Knife – B@R

Boots: Clausy – B@R

Skin & Eyes: same as above

Shot at Owl’s Bay


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