Purplemoon or why I started loving bags

I was going through search to find some places to take pictures when I got an IM from my friend Hazza saying she had a new store at her mall I should check out.

I TPed over and landed in front of this gorgeous small store (which I discover later is just a satellite store) with gorgeous outfits. From casual to formal these guys just rock.

I can’t resist purple so I decided for the Isabella outfit in purple which – OMG – had the totally awesome handbag and shoes included! Not only that ,but the outfit comes in all layers you can combine and wear in 5 or 6 different ways. And all this just for L$375, can you imagine?

They also just released a line of chin dropping stilettos I show you bellow.

Take your time to give a look around the place too. The Thetys mall is discretely located in a Mayan Temple and there are lots of things to do there, from fishing to an art gallery on the pyramid. You’ll see it will be worth your time 🙂

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Outfit+Shoes+Bag – Purplemoon – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tethys/183/174/85

Skin: Uma Sunkissed – Cyanide http://slurl.com/secondlife/Estival%20Island/154/73/22

Hair: Kate DarkBrown – A&A http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wonderland%20Beach/174/121/24

Earrings: Arpita Jewelry – Mashooka http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mashooka%20Isle/100/157/23

Poses by L.A.P. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Festivale/84/101/26


Monsieur Labisse

Like I posted here, Alpha.Tribe is one of the shops I often go to to check the new creations. If that can be a sign of anything I own every single piece they have there.

It is not what you can call a normal fashionable style, but the creativeness of every piece shows all that SL can makes us develop our imagination.

The skin and outfit I show you bellow is called Monsieur Labisse and the pack (costing just L$500) contains:

– 5 skins in three tones: Bonjour (PG and normal), Bonsoir (PG and Normal) and Bonnuit (shown bellow)

– 3 hairs: pink green and purple (shown bellow)

– 2 skirts

– 1 pair of sandals (not shown)

You should go and check out her store for more wonderful skins and outfits. Promise it will be worth your time! And keep an eye on herblog too. You’ll see the great stuff she is doing.




Without the Boys on a Thursday Afternoon

Somethings in life are certain…
like that when you put two hot girls who are best friends together and without their men, they’ll shop like their lives depend on it!
They also gossip and profile hump like it’s their job to do it, but that’s not relevant for this post. :p

Hotness on the left:
Pretty Hair: Faye – Maitreya
Oh-so-hip Scarf: Long Scarf – Maitreya
Yummy Top: Sculpted Top and Belt – Maitreya
Sexy skirt: Nasty Girl – Fab Design
Dreamy Boots: Soho Boots – Maitreya
LipRing: Magika
Shopping Bags + pose: Juicy

Goddess on the right:
Pretty Hair: Jackie – ETD
Oh-so-hip Scarf: Long scarf – Maitreya
Yummy Top: Sculpted Top and Belt – Maitreya
Sexy skirt: Greek – Apple May Designs
Dreamy Boots: Soho Boots – Maitreya
Shopping Bags + pose: Juicy

Maitreya keeps surprising me every season, and this spring was no diff; I mean their stuff is so amazing I think I bought the whole store! >.<
The prim tops are just amazing there’s like a gazzilion colors and patterns to choose from, and while they’re REALLY not free, it’s WORTH IT!
The scarfs, omg the scarfs. Have you seen how yummy they look? menu driven, you can change the lenght, position and even make it flexi or not. Defo a must-have.
The boots. *raises her hands to her head* THE BOOTS! They go for the name of Soho Boots. And I have a feeling that if they were real, they’d feel like heaven on my soles.
So let’s recap, shall we? Amazing textures. Check. Fantastic sculpties. Check.  Hot-hot-hot. Check-check-check. Need anything more? No? Thought so. so whatcha waiting for? teleport to maitreya my lovelies, teleportttttttttttttt!!!
FPPS (Fashionista’s Personal Post Scriptum): Many many thanks to my bestie for a fun fun (fun!) afternoon. Dang girl, see how hot we look??

 ~ pictures taken at the Juicy boardwalk :]

Have fun, shop much and look sharp, my dear fashionistas!

Lub and smooches, Mafy.


Right Click…. create

… and so there was the cube. the sphere. Omg, the torus.

And when you get enough free time, you eventually become a furniture builder. Well, I did. Not to give up the party scene, but this really tickles my brain. And heck, we all need to fill out pretty lil’ prim houses with something, right?
I’m a sculpty addict. And a texture addict. Commited to sell everything  just a lil’ bit cheaper than the rest. Wanna check it out? Follow the link :D
Want something costumized? IM me in-world.

here’s a couple examples of what you can find there:

: FF : Sleek Bed

: FF : Sleek Bed
A modern bed with smooth sleek lines in black and white for a polished look, comes complete with a retractable cover and a sex/cuddle menu for your most intimate moments. FluiD Furniture also offers with this item two designer Lamps that complete the look, only available with this purchase!
–  14 prims!

: FF : Lush Couch – Black/Ivory

: FF : Lush Couch - Black/Ivory

Black suede couch/sofa, with ivory satin pillows. While keeping the FluiD Furnitures’s signature modern look, the large amount of pillows and detailed textures give this corner couch a very comfortable look.
– 16 prims!

: FF : Cuddle Basket “Rocking – Earth

: FF : Cuddle Basket "Rocking" - earth

A cuddle basket with a soft rocking motion on click and two sets of poseballs, for kissing or simply relaxing with a friend. Detailed basketweave texture and soft comfortable looking pillows make this cuddle basket the perfect accessory for any garden, beach, deck or even indoors.
– 21 prims!

: FF : Sauna – Pinewood

: FF : Sauna - Pinewood

This steamroom comes complete with a steam switch, 2 single pose balls and a cuddle/sex menu for your most intimate moments.
– 19 prims!

So there ya go, a slightly selfish post about thingies I make. *giggles*
Have fun, shop much and look sharp, my dear fashionistas!
Lub and smooches, Mafy.


The (deserved) Rest of the Hunters

After lots of hints, discussions on the changes of places made by the creators, lots of taxi’s,  lots of crashes, loads of lag and tons of fun: We finally made it!!! Me and Winter got all (except the ones that were taken away. Not our fault) the 103 Twisted boxes from this new hunt. At the end the rest was more than deserved. Thank you, Twisted Prince Charming Bunnies for your arms!!!twistedprinceVirtual Regards

T-Shirt’s offered by Rox Arten: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Riverbend%20II/215/42/29

Bunnies: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Abandoned%20Isle/200/196/24


Thoroughly Kissed

Yes, I got all the kisses. So did Winter and Blue and I must admit Winter did it first, so I guess she won. Not that we were competing… We would have been had I been the first… Joking! We were in this just for the fun. And the freebies. And the laughs.


Now I need volunteers to sort my inventory. Anyone?



Saturday night and I must be a looser. Here I am staring at my screen and getting bored. Yes, not all of us get to go off RL on Saturday nights. Very difficult when you are a middle aged fat mother of two. Or a local league soccer player with a big mustache. Anyway my Sister went out, my cat went out and me and Winter stayed put, out of the cold.

After some time even rolling my mustache between my fingers lost all the charm. So I decided some kisses were in order. Turns out 245 of them are available, grid wide:


I’m happy to say we did very well on this first night, me and Win, and we grabbed 50 kisses. Aren’t we amazing?


Ova Hauled

Well hello!
Long time no see, but RL sometimes steals you a lot of inworld time, and that’s just what´s been happening, but… lets proceed, because I am sure you don’t want to listen to me wining.
As you may know, if not just look at my pics, I am a Neko, and part of the fun is the huge range of beautiful accessories that you wear.
Apart from tails and ears, which become part of you if you turn Neko, a good Neko usually wears a wide set of belts, armbands, legbelts, stomp boots and so on. So a Neko is also prone to be a bit shopaholic in search of new and unusual things to wear. Some time ago, looking for new places, me and Elora, we ended up at Ova Hauled.
And let me tell you, not only are the items really cool, both accessories and outfits, but they are very accessible on pricing. Yes, Ova Haul and Taylor Lubezki do make the finest items and do not overprice them. And they even do some custom work in jewelery if you need a more personalized item based on their stuff. Yes I do love my new lip ring.
Next step was to find a cool Neko hangout such as Urban Rebellion, and the result is as follows…a wild night, music gig and all.
So what are you expecting?
Loose your mind…Get wild.
Until next time, stay safe.

On Imso:

OH MensPunkJeans, MensSkullShirt and Mens Skull Belt from OH MensFreebieJan2009
OH BlackArmBracers
OH ChocolateMilkLegBandMale
OH DudefangedArmBands
DJ Tail Set Black
Fish Bone Lip (5) Ring


Resident Boots from Deviant Kitties

Canimal – Desert Scarf from Canimal

Tattoo: [U] Quench a Rebellion *Medium* by iNFLiCT

Eyes: Eyes “Illuminati” Green from Gracile

Skin: [ND] (Hair) – Shaved from ! Naughty Island

Hair: Uruha – White from Deviant Kitties

On Elora:

Tail and ears – OH Fire Fight Tail / Ear set Black
Hair – Lara (Red) at Aden.
Outift – OH PurplePassion
Necklace – Ova Hauled ~ Fish Bone Necklace
arm and leg bands – OH BlueberryStarfish
Eyes – []::Tuli::[] brown eyes
Skin – []::Tuli::[] Meredith (fair) post party/1


Cold Fingers

It’s freezing in here. I know, I know, it’s Portugal, it’s supposed to be warm…NOT!!!
At least not these past few days. All I see around me is people shivering and complaining about the weather. Even my cat got cold paws. So no wonder I keep dressing in wool and knitted sweaters, and still I feel the cold.


Ok, trying to get warm in:

Hair – ETD Keri – Auburn Blackened

Eyes – *ae* eyes dawn shades – unisex

Skin – Fleur Vivant Almond Apres Ski 1

Pants – ETD BarelyCords (Dark Brown)

Sweater – magi take nordic sweater [ brown ]

Coat – magi take duffle coat [ brown ]

Boots – Steel Toe Granny Boots Precious Things At Sentou Yousei

Animation – Shiver at .::mesmerized::.


Let me tell you, I keep wishing for a glove for my nose, cos I feel it will pretty soon just fall off my face. Maybe then I’ll stop being nosey. Keep warm!


Alpha Auer and OMFG

I have been reading Alpha Auer’s posts in NPRIL since I started reading the blog. All her discoveries around the grid were simply amazing in creativity and totally different from what we could see around the blogosphere.

Yesterday I was exploring Mainland and came to a place I found interesting to take a picture and didn’t notice someone was there till I was positioning the camera – I hardly pay attention to my Mystitools radar. And there she was, Alpha, just standing.

Well I am a little shy when it comes to speak to bloggers I read and never met, cause I don’t want to invade their privacy, but this time I really had to talk to Alpha and congratulate her about her posts and her new begining as a designer. The place happened to be her store and she was very nice and we talked for a while.

I couldn’t resist taking with me what she had there for sale. Still not much but a promising work is on the way.

So I took all the dolarbie skins (6 I think) and the two outfits I show you bellow.

First the skins are very carefully made with colours and tatoos embeded that I haven’t seen anywhere else. I was really glad that these would suit my shape, cause it is not easy to find skins that don’t change how I look (ok, ok I’m picky, but most skins just make me look so different from what I am used to).

On the first picture you can see the alpha.tribe::: Golden Ammonite Skin, with beautiful golden shell tatoos on the skull and face and the alpha.tribe Basic Leotard (just L$ 50). With all the fuss about the sale on OMFG, I went there and bought the whole store. Kinda thought that some of the gear would look good with Alpha’s outfit, so I decided to accessorize with the Wings of Rust Thorn, the Big Brass Halo and the Hard Coat Venus Boots (recoloured).

Do I look like a futuristic sort of angel or what? hehe


On picture two I am just wearing the alpha.tribe Red Ammonite (full outfit). The skin is included and the hairdress moves softly around your head. The one shown on the picture is the small one, there is still a larger one in the pack, as well as an extra skirt just without the snake textured prims. The skirt prims attach to the belt, so you won’t have them sticking out of your butt.

I am not going to put the URL of Alpha’s store here, once it is not yet opened to the public. But keep tuned for further developments. Other credits and slurls bellow the pictures.



Picture 1
alpha.tribe::: Basic Leotard
alpha.tribe::: Golden Ammonite Skin
[OMFG] Big Brass Halo
[OMFG] Hard Coat Venus Boots (tampered by me)
[OMFG] Wing of Rust Thorn
~GRACILE~ Eyes “Illuminati” Blue
Heavenly Cross Earrings, Midnight – Encore

Picture 2
alpha.tribe::: Red Ammonite (Full outfit/boxed)
skin included

Poses by Body Reactions


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